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Obstacle Courses for Rent

Obstacle Courses, Dunk Tanks, and Games are a popular rental choice for events such as school carnivals, corporate team-building activities, and backyard parties. The combination of physical challenges, interactive games, and water fun will keep participants entertained for hours. These rentals are easy to set up and take down and can be used by people of all ages with proper supervision.

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Listen up, Moms, Dads, Bosses, Party Planners, Event Coordinators, and all those involved in event planning and big parties; finding a dunk tank rental near me isn't tough, and neither is planning the party with the pros at Another Bounce Rental Company LLC (ABRC). Another Bounce Rental Company LLC is the preferred party rental company in Southwest Georgia. ABRC has the BEST dunk tanks for rent in SWGA. Here at ABRC, you can have HOT WATER in your dunk tank for that fall festival or spring party that is just a little too breezy for that COLD water from straight out of the hose! Just be sure to choose the one you want before checking out!

A dunk tank is really a triumphant feat of not so modern technology. The origin of dunk tanks comes from around the early 1900's as a common carnival game and was originally made for large gatherings of people taking turns dunking subjects into pits of water by striking a target. Hitting the target would trigger the mechanism, allowing the sitting platform to be unsupported and, ultimately, splooosh! Someone just got wet!

Not too much has changed across the decades. Today you will find dunking booths, dunking machines, dunking tanks, and dunk booths setup at carnivals for schools or church events, large birthday gatherings, corporate events, family retreats and reunions, graduations, and football games — just about anywhere you might see some water slides.

Dunk tank not your thing? Then try our awesome inflatable games!

Another Bounce Rental Company LLC inflatable obstacle course rentals are the ultimate adult inflatable bounce house rental. Adult obstacle course rentals are our larger obstacle courses. Inflatable Obstacle courses are great for ages 2 to adult. You just have to choose the correct obstacle course as they are made for different age and skill levels. Obstacle course bounce house rentals have become the most requested inflatable for birthday parties and events. Corporate events have taken blow-up obstacle course rentals to a new level of entertainment for their events. For smaller kids the obstacle course hybrid bounce house rentals are great. Let us bring a bounce house obstacle course to your church youth party and watch the excitement build like no event before. The level of competition that inflatable obstacle course rentals bring to an event is what makes them so popular.  Who doesn't like a challenge? We have the best inflatable obstacle course to rent for your event in Southwest Georgia. We rent inflatable obstacle course options with a huge selection is unmatched in the SWGA area. Rent an inflatable obstacle course inflatable challenge at your next party or event to take it to the next level of fun!